Production Meetings

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Terrapin Beats was founded upon the need for a community of producers on campus to push each other to become better, and to learn and teach one another tips and tricks that are hard to find online.  We have many members at various levels of skills with knowledge of several different digital audio workstations who can help get beginners off the ground, give feedback on your works in progress, and collaborate with you on multiple styles. By joining Terrapin Beats, you will be joining a huge network of people just like you, who can help you achieve things you may not have thought possible on your own.

what happens at Production meetings

Widely regarded as the most fun, most interactive meetings, production meetings have a lot to offer. Led by executive members with plenty of experience, we have a basic lesson for those just starting out, tips and tricks for the more advanced producers, as well as feedback and interactive beat making sessions. We have fun challenges for people to do when they leave so that they can practice what they've learned or get creative with what they already know. We show people how to make popular sounds in today's EDM scene using the bare minimum tools on your DAW. If you're coming just to kick back and relax to your current jams or discover new ones, this meeting can serve as the place to do so.

what do i need to get started

If you have a DAW with which you're even remotely comfortable, then we recommend sticking with that one as we teach in a general way to ensure that anyone can recreate what we show at the meeting in any DAW. If not, we will give beginners a "demo" of Ableton Live as it is widely used and will enable a more fruitful production experience. We also highly recommend enjoying sounds and the concept of translating music in your head to be heard by others. Be sure to be informed of the next meeting on Facebook or via email; grab your laptop, your headphones, and a friend; and come out to make some music!

Come through!