DJ Meetings


Anyone Can Learn to DJ

DJing is just like learning an instrument, and Terrapin Beats is lucky enough to have the Stradivarius of DJ equipment. We have a DJM 900 and 2000, as well as four CDJ 2000. State of the art DJing equipment that we have spent our years in Terrapin Beats mastering as best we can. Now it's your turn! Join Terrapin Beats and come to our DJ meetings to learn how to DJ on the same equipment used as all the pros.

What happens at DJ meetings

DJ meetings tend to be pretty informal. They are usually led by a member of the executive board who is pretty advanced and knowledgeable of the equipment and DJ techniques. Once a week we hold DJ meetings and often have DJ office hours at another time during the week when people can get one on one practice time with an exec member.

We try to lead DJ meetings each week with a key topic or technique for everyone to learn. But we understand that everyone comes at different skill levels. So whether you are advanced or don't even know what a CDJ2000 is, we always save most of the time for people to rotate and take turns on the equipment, with an exec member right there to guide you every step of the way.

What do I need to Get Started

You need absolutely nothing but your love of music. EXCEPT, if you'd like to play your own music, you will need to bring a flash drive with properly formatted music as that is the only way to play music on the CDJs.

See you soon!